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You can be one more grain of sand in the Sahara, or you can be an extraordinary oasis with water and palm trees that clients flock to. You can stand out above the rest in this time of Personal Branding!

This is a time to stand out with your Personal Brand, to be unique, to be you!

These are three important Personal Branding factors that will have you “magnetizing” clients in no time:

Most people believe that you must have good looks to magnetize others, the truth though, is that beauty is overrated and it is very subjective. We are imposed with patterns that show what beauty looks like and it is overwhelming! 

Having great presence and confidence, whether you are tall, short, fat, slim, black, white…is what you want to enhance in yourself to make you the best looking YOU!

Iris Apfel, the flamboyant, opinionated, 93-year-old who’s impact in world fashion still stands, and Diana Vreeland — a legendary arbiter of fashion, art, and culture,  are perfect examples. These two fascinating women weren’t exactly beautiful, however, one cannot quite see they were not.

What is most important is discovering what is your own unique physical factor.

Start by asking yourself:

Now leverage it to exude confidence and success!

Attitude comes from your beliefs; from emotions you had somewhere in life.

David Rock, in his article SCARF shares how social neuroscience explores the biological foundations of the way we relate to each other. Our social interactions play a role in giving other people’s brains the feeling of reward or threat. This is extremely important!

In our training MAGNETIZING IN TIMES OF EXCESSIVE COMPETITION we go further on this factor and teach you how you can keep other people’s brains at ease.

Start by asking yourself:

Attitude is gold in the world of success!

Part of the process in revealing your unique solution factor is to research your “reason for being” in this world, in your business, and in society. Knowing what your unique gift is will give you so much empowerment! Both to you and to others in many ways.

When asked: What is it that you do? What do you do for a living? What line of business you are in? etc., You may explain why and how you do what you do, but only to find that you’ve lost the attention of the person who asked you. It’s due to the fact that we can only retain so much. Therefore you need to be very precise, short, and clear.

Start by asking yourself:

Your Personal Brand is everything these days. So, don’t be the grain of sand in the Sahara, be the lush tropical oasis that clients flock to!

About the author:

Mercedes Jahn, PhD MCC Neurons in Movement. NeuroBranding for CEO´s

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